Inspiration came in the form of a drunk,

and I didn’t see the difference between a drunk and a buddha,

they spoke the same language,

both sat still and mumbled,

told stories of the past,

one of danger, and one of safety,

order in chaos,

chaos in order,

all escaping the treasures of the world,

the pain and the suffering,

root canal,



but the more bacteria you kill,

the more bacteria you help evolve,

no matter,

stay away from stagnant waters,

follow the stream,

but the streams will be streams not much longer,

and though it has repeated for a millenia,

or two,

it will not continue,

so no use looking back at the past,

to foresee the future,

because change is a coming,

and it will keep coming,

until the dam bursts,

and water turns green.